Sunday, 9 January 2011

Surrounded by colour

So for the first time since moving and receiving the fantastic new table for Christmas I finally used it and did a bit of art work. I sat down and continued the market scene and as I worked (it only took until about ten minutes in) I felt this intense joy. Its the only way I can describe it. When I start to feel like that, I don't really judge what Im doing and I start working from this place where I dont think and my hands just do what they need to do. I can tell you Ive never really had that feeling before, not from what I can remember or maybe I havent been aware of it like I am now. Probably best not to analyse it. I stopped and realised that I had put my new drawings under my bed when I moved in and stuck them up on the side so I could see them as I worked.

It made so much difference to see the drawings and be surrounded by the colour.

I had a few hours which I could work on it so I got stuck in with the bottom section. I realised that the baskets detail would be better by scratching away the oil pastel, so I worked into the thick layers I created.

Today I plan to spend quite a bit of time getting back into it, I've been a bit blocked since I moved in and dealing with a lot of new things. When I'm blocked and stressed, its really hard for me to be creative. Good news is the stress has passed (or at least its now managed and put into perspective) and life feels rather new and exciting.