Sunday, 27 March 2011

Berlin, Trees, Doodles, Sunsets.

Last week I went to Berlin and its bustling and heaving with creativity, sprayed and drawn over walls and floors.

The next two from Berlin I couldnt leave out either:

This week, I bought some fantastic Faber-Castel 4 PITT artist pens in black. I've been doodling with them since they arrived yesterday and its my first dabble with watercolour pens. I have that shiny new feeling, a new toy feeling. You cant beat it. Its also got me back into pen work which is a nice change, using the pen straight onto the paper without pencil first.

I took my pens down to the park today and once again found a fantastic tree. It was a magical type tree with shoots of ivy all around the bottom and lovely textures. I think I am a little obsessed with trees at the moment to be honest:

Detoured to my mums garden and saw this lovely little pot with matching blue flowers:

Finished off with a doodle of the tree at the park with the new pens:

Next SEPIA pens *excitement*.

Last but not least whilst writing this blog we had a very crisp sunset out of the window. I havent seen it so clear for a while and seemed to place itself directly in the middle of a block of flats.....