Saturday, 12 February 2011

Operation block

A little quiet lately, but that's ok. Drawing has been slow but that's ok. I'm going back to sketching for a little while due to a slight block over the last month or so. I've sat down to draw but everything I drew felt slightly forced, so I'm leaving the Asia pastel pieces for a little while and going back to trying to draw free and loose without thinking. I think this will be good for me.

Blocks are funny little things and for me its brought on by too much brain activity in other areas of my life. This week whilst sitting at my desk at work, I suddenly felt an urge, grabbed some paper and did two quick sketches out of the window:

This felt FANTASTIC. Magical. Awesome. They are a bit wobbly.

I've also been becoming fascinated by trees:

The last one is my favourite.

Also have become fascinated with the colours in Lush bath bombs (a nice curveball there for you)

until next time x