Sunday, 12 June 2011

A whole lot of something from nothing

Its been a while, at least a few months - I wont start rambling on about why I haven't blogged for such a while but I think sometimes we need a few gaps in regards to things like this without having to look into it so deeply. Sometimes you just need the break.

I sat in bed earlier and knew that it was time but I thought "God, what have I done in the last few months!?" I felt like I had done nothing. Nothing creative anyway. I decided to have a look through my sketch books. I HAD done things and I was being far too harsh on myself. I'd done little doodles, sketches (however not all I feel like putting on here today) and I had gone very snap happy for flowers on my phone. I now have a new iphone which is fantastic to take shots in the day when you are on the move. The following images are a few I have found which I've sneakily done in my previously thought "non creative" month or two.

The following few sketches were done using the fantastic gesture tools website:

I prefer the two messier ones to the straight one myself. I love the website, its a great practice tool and the time limit is good (as you can see on one of them I didnt manage to finish the face but I still quite like that!)

A sepia line pen drawing of some lovely flowers I received in May:

This was done in the park one afternoon, he kept moving around....A LOT.

Here a few pictures I've taken on my phone recently:

Some beautiful Poppies in the park

The rose garden at Regents park, I took loads of pictures here but I think this one is my favourite, it was so hot, the sky was blue and there were thousands of brightly coloured roses in every direction.
A little pot plant I bought for my mother yesterday. The leaves are fantastic! I can't remember what its called though unfortunately.

Until next time. Hopefully it wont be so long until that next time. X