Sunday, 12 June 2011

A whole lot of something from nothing

Its been a while, at least a few months - I wont start rambling on about why I haven't blogged for such a while but I think sometimes we need a few gaps in regards to things like this without having to look into it so deeply. Sometimes you just need the break.

I sat in bed earlier and knew that it was time but I thought "God, what have I done in the last few months!?" I felt like I had done nothing. Nothing creative anyway. I decided to have a look through my sketch books. I HAD done things and I was being far too harsh on myself. I'd done little doodles, sketches (however not all I feel like putting on here today) and I had gone very snap happy for flowers on my phone. I now have a new iphone which is fantastic to take shots in the day when you are on the move. The following images are a few I have found which I've sneakily done in my previously thought "non creative" month or two.

The following few sketches were done using the fantastic gesture tools website:

I prefer the two messier ones to the straight one myself. I love the website, its a great practice tool and the time limit is good (as you can see on one of them I didnt manage to finish the face but I still quite like that!)

A sepia line pen drawing of some lovely flowers I received in May:

This was done in the park one afternoon, he kept moving around....A LOT.

Here a few pictures I've taken on my phone recently:

Some beautiful Poppies in the park

The rose garden at Regents park, I took loads of pictures here but I think this one is my favourite, it was so hot, the sky was blue and there were thousands of brightly coloured roses in every direction.
A little pot plant I bought for my mother yesterday. The leaves are fantastic! I can't remember what its called though unfortunately.

Until next time. Hopefully it wont be so long until that next time. X


  1. Nice line drawings - bodies are such a challenge,even when they are not moving! I love the drawing of the flowers.

  2. I too have been a little remiss, nice to know I am in good company. Great work on the figures. I will have to try that site.

  3. Looks like you've been busy after all! This is a lot to me and I definitely count taking photos in with creative activities.

  4. Your drawings are excellent, you make me want to check out this site! fabulous photos, too, the colors are incredible and everything looks so neat!

  5. Oh thanks everyone! I really appreciate your comments xxxx