Sunday, 19 September 2010

The things you find

At beginning of the week I found some old drawings and paintings that I did at College. I pulled them out and was amazed at how clearly I remembered each one and how I was feeling at the time. I looked at them and felt this surge in my gut and it made me absolutely sure that this is now the right path for me. It's amazing that at the time I drew some of these I was completely lost with it all. I knew it was what I wanted to do but I wasn't engaging with it in the right way and I was all over place. I thought being young it would change but it never really did. Flitting about with jobs and subjects and relationships to fill the void and hole just in the end made me more confused than ever. I never enjoyed being taught around the time of my A Levels and this worried me. Its taken another 11 years to know why. I was bogged down with teachers and tired subjects/worrying about grades and completely lost sight of why I was doing it all. I feel like I can breathe again in the last few months - I feel like Ive completely shifted. I feel excited at the moment because if its like this now and its only been 4 months since Ive woken up, things can only get better surely? Lets not jinx this! But Im hoping so.

Here are a few things I've picked out:
A Level work

GCSE work:


  1. Your portraits are wonderful -- I especially like the way you've handled the colors in the first one. What a treat it must have been to have run into them again!

  2. You've definitely found a stash of treasure there ^^ They are wonderful, and a great collection definitely!

  3. How fun to see all this! They really are wonderful - aren't you glad you saved them? nancy

  4. Wow, Natasha! I can't believe you had these put away! They would be framed and on my walls! These are fabulous!

  5. Love the portraits. So glad you shared these.

  6. Every painting is just terrific. I am glad you shared them and are finding your way through art.

  7. great stuff tash, that apple has got some serious moxy. and the first painting is a real good un.

    thought you might like this link, some good expressions going on....