Saturday, 6 November 2010


The Pond - by Fred

I met the most fantastic man last week called Fred, whilst visiting a family member in an elderly home. I've got to say, the place struck me as incredibly clinical and almost like a hospital which I found strange. As we walked to the rooms to meet our elderly uncle, I noticed a table full of pencil drawings layed out on the chairs and on the floor. I peered over and had a look and then carried on walking down to meet people. As we walked into the main TV room we had a look at the 'activity room' next door which was empty and untouched. No games, just a table with a few bits on the walls. My heart sank when I looked back at everyone - I had a feeling that people really were not shown enough love and attention here.
After a bit of time, my mum and I went for a walk through the corridoor as she was keen to show the balcony to admire the view she had seen before. As we walked past we saw a man sitting down with all the drawings I saw earlier. He was surrounded by at least 50 A3 style pieces and he was drawing one as we approached.

We sat and spoke to him and he explained that he just loves to draw and that he draws about 5 or 6 pictures a day all pencil and all from his own imagination.

We walked to his room and we were greeted by more pictures up and around the walls. A mixture of portraits and landscape and with a fantastic charm. I was generally touched to meet Fred and to see his work and to meet someone with such a strong and vibrant spirit. He was like a ray of sunshine in that place and it was lovely.

I showed him some of my own work via my camera and then Fred kindly let me take two drawings! Excellent. I'm going to go back and visit Fred and give him a drawing in return and buy him some paints. However he seems to be very happy just using pencil. Meeting Fred was brilliant for me. It reminded me how important and beautiful it is to create.

On another note - this really has been the year of change without actually planning it. I do believe that as soon as you let go and accept yourself and your life, things will happen that you once were clawing for without any effort. I feel like exactly 6 months ago I started doing just that and now things are in motion in lots of different ways.

I'm now about to move out and share a flat with a friend, so that really has dominated the last 3 weeks but I have started a new large piece on a waxy cardboard which is a completely new and interesting effect with my oil pastels. Its all very experimental and nice to have it there to dip in and out of. Especially at the moment. I like the idea of just evolving slowly with my work and taking twists and turns. I have nice new camera (which I'm still figuring out) but its great for documenting work. I look forward to putting pics up of it when its ready.


  1. This is both amazing and interesting, thanks for sharing =)

  2. Hi: That is wonderful that you connected with this artist in the rest home. I'm happy that someone is supplying him with pencil and paper so he can keep his mind active through art. I hope things work out great for you too in your new adventures.

  3. This is really an inspiring story and nice pictures. And about your remark about things happening without planning: I did have a lot of goals in my life, and it was also interesting pursuing them, but the best things in my life didn't happen as a result of a goal I had.

  4. Wow, I think Fred will feel like a celeb after this. I must let him know, he was ecstatic to talk about his work and I was happy to meet him. I agree Elkedagtelt and I think goals are important because of lessons learned on the way, everyone needs a direction. However I feel like since I stopped worrying the direction is right in front of me and perhaps I didnt see it so clearly before. Thanks for the comments :) x

  5. Fred is a wonderful fellow and I'm sure it made his day that you took such an earnest interest in him and his work. And what wonderful work he does!
    I'm also pleased to hear your life is headed in a direction that feels positive and growing. It's hard for me to let go of the tight control I so often wield over my time and feelings, when what I really need to do is let go. Bravo to you for being able to let things progress as they should.

  6. How lucky Fred is to have his Art, I can imagine the days are long in a home for the elderly. Thank you for showing us his work.
    Wise words Natasha, I will try remember those!

  7. It's great that you took the time with the artist. It's great that he is able to keep his spirits up enough to draw. I've worked in these homes and they feel so dismal to me. I hope you keep up an occasional artist date with him. Good for both of you!

  8. What a great story and I love his pond!

  9. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story and letting us meet Fred. What an inspiring person. I hope you get to visit with him again.